Membership, Benefits and Expectations

Capitol Velo’s success rises and falls on the work of its members. This hard work doesn’t result just in podium finishes, but also supports the team’s junior racing program, charitable giving, and team member benefits.



Race Reimbursement:

Let’s face it, racing isn’t free. The team will refund 50% of your race fees up to $200. For example, if you spend $400 in race fees in one year, the team will give you $200 back at the end of the year.  Some conditions apply; you must race in current Captiol Velo kit (minimum of jersey and black shorts) and you must be a member in good standing at the time of the event.



Team Kit:

Road Category 1 & 2, Mountain Bike Elite and Cyclocross Category A racers will also be eligible to receive reimbursement for one kit (jersey & shorts or skinsuit).  Our kit is made to order by Pactimo.  We generally have the store opened 2x per year; in the Spring and Fall.  We do have a limited number of replacement or new member jerseys on hand, email for details.

Team Discounts:
Team Discounts Team members get a 15% discount on parts at Scott’s Cycles and a discount from Trek Bicycle and Scott's Cycles on a new Trek bicycle.




Conduct When riding your bike welcome new folks to rides, stop when someone has a mechanical, come prepared with enough food & water, carry a flat tire repair kit, and always obey the rules of the road.

Volunteer The team raises funds three ways – sponsorship, dues and events. Events are by far the largest source of income for the team. The races we put on happen only with the help of a HUGE number of volunteers. Whether you sign up to promote an event, help coordinate volunteers or just take a shift or two on the day of the event, your participation makes it all possible. At a minimum, we expect team members to volunteer for two or more of the races the team promotes or supports each year.

Race Each year, the team targets a select number of races throughout the region as ‘priority’ events. These are events where we want to ensure the team has a strong turn out and puts our teammates on the podium. Please make every effort to turn out for these races.Information for these races and other events will be posted on the ‘Updates’ page.

Kits We ask that you wear the most current cycling kit for Capitol Velo Racing Club at all events wear you list Capitol Velo as your sponsor.


Membership Dues


The annual dues that we charge for membership help support our programs and events.


Adult Membership (18 and over):  $35.00

Junior Membership (17 and under):  $20.00


If you have any questions about your benefits or obligations, please email Capitol Velo.